Daily Boarding Rate - $40 (2nd dog - $30)
Daycare Rate - $20 
Peace of Mind - Priceless!
CO-State licensed Pet Animal Care Facility
(PACFA license #0036YP)
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Visiting Mesa Verde for the day?  Contact us for Day Care @ $20/day!

Have a last minute emergency trip?  We're glad to help!

Where your dog is treated like family

Daily Boarding Rate - $40  ($30 2nd+ dog same family)

Daycare Rate - $20 ($30 if picked up between 8-8:30 pm)

Peace of Mind – Priceless!


Licensed by the State of Colorado as a Pet Animal Care Facility (PACFA license #0036YP)

Licensed by the State of Colorado as an Animal Transporter – valet service available.


While at The Dog Ranch

  • Your dog is treated with respect, kindness, and love by a former reward-based dog trainer.
  • Your dog hangs out with the family in the evening rather than sitting in a kennel alone with possibly other dogs barking and making him/her anxious.
  • Your dog can go out if need be during the night rather than being forced to eliminate in their kennel and cleaned up in the morning when staff arrives.
  • Your dog gets to make new friends with other guests and just hang out in the acre+ fenced-in yard complete with dog playground.


Dog Guardian lives on the property full-time

  • If guardian is off the property, dogs are housed separately for their safety, and are monitored by another family member on the property via security cameras, so help is only moments away if need be.


No “Up Charges”

  • No deposit required
  • No cancelation fee – even if life happens and you need to cancel at the last minute
  • No “holiday rates”
  • No medication-dispensing fees


Come out and see why dog owners all over the Four Corners area call The Dog Ranch their dog’s home away from home! You’ll be glad you did!


Call or text 608-577-7778 to set up a meet and greet today!


** Recommended by Four-Corners’ reward-based dog trainers and veterinarians **