Kathy’s facility is the best facility I have ever seen! It’s not just the equipment and stuff but the care and love she shows for each of her "guests"!

Jane A.

Kathy has an amazing set up for dogs. She was great to set things up with, and provided a perfect experience for our dog while we were away. We'll be back!
Jessie K.

Kathy does a fabulous job caring for our dog, Meg  in her home while we're away. No cages, lots of room to run and play, and Kathy's two dogs, Peach and Red, are wonderful playmates for our gal. We receive regular updates from Kathy on what's new with the dogs, with videos of them playing, doing some practice "sit stays" for treats, and just cuddling up on the couch. Would recommend her dog boarding and training to anyone. Meg and I both say, "thanks, Kathy"!   
Marcie R.

Loved our first training and private lesson! Very upbeat and positive! Well educated and experienced. Looking forward to many "happy tails" together!  
Tiffany G.

Our dogs had a wonderful stay with Kathy. Her facility is amazing and must be like going to camp for doggies. She sent lots of pictures showing our dogs having all sorts of fun. Highly recommended.   
Kim P.

I first met Kathy H. When she co taught a manners class at Durango Dog College. My 8 month terrier/husky mix was a little anxious and fearful. Kathy won her trust and she started coming out of her shell. Kathy soon moved closer to my home and sponsored some doggie play dates for small dogs. Once again Kathy showed her skill in working with fearful dogs. This summer she kept our fur baby for two nights. She had never stayed away from us overnight away from home but she knew Kathy and was comfortable and happy. She even snuggled with her at bedtime. I highly recommend Kathy. She is caring and calm which reassures any animals around her.    
Jane A.

Kathy is the only person I trust to take care of my dogs. I know they are safe and happy the entire time they are with her. They get plenty of exercise and have so much fun they don't even realize I'm gone!   
Elizabeth F.

Kathy is one of the only people I would trust to leave my dogs with. Her background as a dog trainer makes for an excellent babysitter.  She knows when to stop play if it’s getting too rough and she will keep certain manners intact while you’re gone. She has a fully fenced in yard and is a loving caring person who even allows your dog to sleep in the bed with her. Your dogs might not want to come home from Kathy‘s camp.   

Traci M.

My dog had so much fun with Kathy and her pups, I was afraid she wouldn't want to come back! Frequent pictures let me know that Ivy was having her own fabulous vacation while we were having ours. Because Kathy is a professional dog trainer, I knew that all of the hard work we had done with manners training wouldn't be lost by someone who didn't know better. And I also know Kathy took loving care of her, which I am so grateful for!   
Shari G.